Here’s how it’s like to be waiting to be vaccinated due to medical allergies…

Waiting to be vaccinated :)
From 10th August new guidelines
New Guidelines from 10th August 2021 onwards

The situation

I belong to the 30% who is not fully vaccinated yet not belonging to the Anti vax gang.

“Do you have any medical allergies with other vaccines?”

Without further ado, the two ladies at the register counters both nodded their heads somewhat in sync, seemingly in agreement that I wasn’t suitable to take the Pfizer vaccine.

Referral Letter to NUH

The situation today

I called the NUH allergy doctor (after 9 working days) just to find out how long the wait might get (and slightly panick-y if I had missed a call from NUH) so as to manage expectations on the timeline of getting vaccinated on my end. To my horror, the lady on the phone told me that it might take till October/November before I could see the doctor for assessment.

The wait

I thought I was alone… until I saw some comments on Minister Ong Ye Kung’s Facebook page.

The percentage

Wonder what’s the percentage of the 30% (who are not vaccinated) who either:

The next steps

#IGotMyShot: To those who are fully vaccinated:

  1. You can still register to go down to the vaccination site like myself and get a referral to see the allergy specialist.
  2. Check with your personal doctor to see if you can take the mRNA vaccine or the 2nd dose of mRNA vaccine.

Other useful information found online

Official government FAQ page of vaccine:




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