Life as a fresh grad —

Why did you decide to join Carousell?

What have you achieved in Carousell so far?

How has being on NOC made an impact on your career?

What excites you about going to work every day?

What is your proudest moment at Carousell?

Any advice for your juniors keen on joining Carousell?

  1. As it all started with an advice by Ms Jane Sun, I would also love to share this piece of advice to those reading this: Pick the fastest growing industry and the right city to be in.”
  2. Constantly have a growth mentality, and expect yourself to be challenged
  3. Have grit — be someone that demonstrates passion and perseverance towards a goal despite being confronted by significant obstacles and distractions
  4. Relevant internship experiences (bonus)

Career opportunities with Carousell



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